Stress…can’t live with it, can’t live without it.  But for awhile I thought I could outrun it.  I followed the advice of my friend Nancy the exercise queen.  Nancy convinced me that we had to make up for the lack of physical activity our modern bodies still craved through exercise.  Nancy runs five miles a day.  I run maybe two to three miles four times a week outdoors and when it’s raining, I go to the gym and run on a treadmill and use several women’s exercise equipment like a bike or spinner.  That, in my honest opinion, would keep the beast named stress at bay.

But I’ve been having persistent headaches and leg pain ever since I started running.  You have to understand that I had been rock sedentary since my training began in the kitchen and even before this sudden zest for physical activity crept in.  Stress forced me into a life of a runner and now I’m thinking if it’s also the reason for the headaches and leg pain.

So where did I end up a few days ago?  I ended up in a doctor’s office complaining about headaches and the toe.  Who would have guessed the toe would do me in?  Two weeks of devotion to the sweet pain of running and I end up with a stress toe fracture.  Stress fracture!  The irony of it.  I took up running to relieve stress.  And I ended up with an incredible pain in the foot.

According to my toe doctor, I had to stop running, at least, temporarily.  He advised me to do less jarring activities like swimming and walking.  Running near death was a bad idea in the first place.  The truth is, I am a bit afraid to stop.  I am afraid that if I did, I’d gain weight, I’d be more stressed, I’d be boring.  So now I’m trying to realign and vary my exercise routine while I focus on less stressful activities because without a doubt, exercise is good for you. So I might start walking or biking my way out of this vicious stressful and painful state. We’ll see.

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